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Custom means “You get it your way” which translates to “we go out of our way to give you exactly what you envision or better.” Size, shape, colors, folds, even “add-ons” that contribute to the professionally finished look of your unique presentation.

You take a lot of pride in the merchandise you sell. Why not take as much pride in the package you deliver it in? CTS can assure that world class merchandise makes a world class statement!



Die Cutting

We like to think die-cutting is the fun part of our business. Configuration is restricted only by your imagination. We can punch, fold, glue and taper our paperboard into shapes that hold and/or display your products to ensure maximum protection and visibility.

Need a unique box to make a special introduction of a new product? This versatile full color box from CTS handled the job quite well. How about a box that first serves as the container, then pops open to be the perfect display? We get that kind of request all the time. What’s the perfect packaging solution for six stackable fruit dips? It’s a wrap of course! Simple. effective, and very attractive with beautiful 4 color printing on a unique die-cut shape.


ShirtBox_IMG_0433Textile Care

Laundry and dry cleaners, hotels and casinos have been delivering their customers’ freshly laundered shirts in our shirt boxes for decades. Why? We offer the widest variety of styles and sizes made from the finest white paperboard.

From our versatile top loading style to our 2-piece double which holds up to 10 folded shirts, to our sleeve style or the automatic bottom, CTS knows how to present a finely finished shirt. It’s all commitment to providing the best in packaging products for textile care. Bust forms, shoulder guards, hanger covers and collar supports… you name it, we have it in stock, ready for immediate delivery. Presentation is every- thing! That’s why we offer custom printing of your logo or design on any of our shirt box styles. We match your company colors and print to your exact specifications. Always.



We don’t make hangers but we make just about everything to help hangers do their job better. From decorative covers to a wide variety of shoulder guard styles to foam covers and tubes, CTS provides the products that help hangers keep the garments they carry clean, crisp, neat, and tidy for the very best presentation possible.

CTS offers a full line of FOAM HANGER COVERS for the textile care and apparel industries. If it can slip, we have the foam cover to make it grip and hold on tight to any style hanger. Foam covers are available in white, charcoal and a wide variety of colors.



Textile Accessories41Uo6uwOiqL._SY300_

DRAPERY TUBES are our latest venture. CTS manufactures drapery tubes in the popular 18″ length. These sturdy tubes slip easily over heavy duty hangers to hold drapes, pants, heavy sweaters, etc., preventing them from creasing, to preserve that “just pressed” look. Of course we’re known for having the largest selection of SHOULDER GUARDS, with a style to fit and present any garment that’s hangable. And we custom print these, as well as our garment covers, for laundry and drycleaners nationwide.



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